D&AD New Blood, Audible: Life Changes
The Challenge
Persuade ‘Leisure Upgraders’ in the UK, that their needs and attitudes suit the Audible service, and drive them to sign up to an Audible 30-day free trial using an Out of Home (OOH) campaign.
The Solution
Show how Audible fits into people's lives during the big and little changes, by highlighting the changes that they are experiencing and showing how Audible can help and suit their needs.
Appears in the Sun
When the sun hits the billboards, the annotations will appear in magenta. This approach will be used in roadside locations in the sunnier seasons of spring and summer, as well as near parks in cities where people gather.
Reacting to Current Affairs
New posters and billboards will be made through out the year to mirror current affairs. This is to make the posters relevant, generate more hype and attention and make the campaign feel fresh all year round.
Glow in the Dark
The glow in the dark posters and billboards will be used more in autumn and winter, this is so when someone commutes to work in the morning they just see the black text. When they return home they will see the ink glow.
Visual Language
The visual style of the campaign is in reference to books by using a serif font. The annotations being similar to how people annotate in books and circle, box or underline certain words or phrases.
Appears in the Rain
When it rains, the annotations on the billboard will appear. This approach will be used more in autumn and winter in roadside locations when, typically it will be raining frequently and people will be using public transport more.
The Message
The billboards and posters utilise copywriting to explain a change and then says how Audible can help. When the annotations appear they add witty and humorous comments and also suggest a book related to the life change.
Appears when Touched
Posters will be placed in situations where people are often waiting, such as on the underground or at a bus stop. If someone leans on the poster or brushes past it they will notice new parts of the poster have been revealed. These would be used in spring and summer with more people using public transport.
Location Based Changes
The campaign will work all across the UK with slight changes in different cities. Some of the posters will change to be more relevant to the city such as posters for public transport. For example in London posters will be used on the underground and in Edinburgh they'll be used at bus stops.
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