D&AD New Blood, Intel: Why Buy Without Intel
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The Challenge
Put Intel at the heart of consumer purchase by encouraging customers to prioritise Intel devices and increase the company’s relevance in PC and laptop purchases.​​​​​​​ To make Intel a priority when buying a computer.
The Solution
To highlight the importance of making sure that a computer has Intel, we have created a multimedia campaign to show how absurd something is, when you take something necessary out of an object or situation.
The Campaign
To highlight the importance of Intel, a multimedia campaign was created utilising copywriting and photography to show how absurd something is, when you take something necessary out of an object or situation. The target audience is people in the UK overwhelmed with the amount of choice in the market.
Tone of Voice
The campaign has a fun and comical tone, as adverts for technology can often come across as complicated or for a more knowledgeable audience. To combat this the campaign uses bright colours and recognisable objects so anyone can understand the importance of an Intel processor without needing a technical understanding.​​​​​​​
Primary Platform
The primary platform for the campaign is social media specifically; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. These adverts will be short animations under 10 seconds to grab peoples attention while scrolling through their feed. 
Secondary Platform
The campaign will also advertise on sites where computers are often bought e.g. PC World and Amazon. As well as commonly used sites by the target audience such as news sites like the Guardian.
Responding to Current Affairs
Twitter is often centred around current affairs, events and trending topics. The campaign responds to this by having type only advertisements, this allows for adverts to be quickly made to respond to a trending topic e.g. the Olympics.
Targeted Advertising
On all social media platforms targeting advertisements will be used to link the often complex topic of processors, to interest and passions of social media users like football, music or reality TV.
Spotify and Radio Adverts
Adverts will play on both the radio and Spotify, this exposes more people to the campaign, this also allows adverts to be targeted towards fans of music and people who may use the internet less regularly.
Print Campaign 
As well as digital advertisements there will also be a print campaign. Posters will be placed around cities as well as in places relevant to the poster, such as a book shop for the novel poster and a cafe for the soup poster.
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